Brodovi, Costa

Costa Diadema

Discover all the best of Italy on board the new “Regina del Mediterraneo”: from its cuisine to its hospitality, from its design to its entertainment, Costa Diadema offers a wealth of new ways to enjoy cruising. The Terrace on deck 5 – over 500 metres long – is lined with bars and restaurants that will make you feel like it’s a summer’s day on the Italian Riviera every day.

1,862 total cabins, including 141 in the wellness area; 756 with private balconies; 64 suites, all of them with private balconies; 11 suites in the wellbeing area

Unutarnja kabina: Max passengers – 4, Staterooms number – 666, Cabin size – 150 ft2 / 14 m2, Location – on decks 1-Excelsior, 2-Sara, 6-Braganza, 7-Conde, 8-Star of India, 9-Bizantino (cat IP-Premium on decks 2-Sara, 6-Braganza, 7-Conde, 8-Star of India, 9-Bizantino, 10-Hortensia)

Kabina s prozorom: Max passengers – 4, Staterooms number – 240, Cabin size – 190 ft2 / 18 m2, Location – on decks 1-Excelsior, 2-Sara, 6-Braganza, 7-Conde, 9-Bizantino, 10-Hortensia (cat EP-Premium on decks 1-Excelsior, 2-Sara)

Kabina s balkonom: Max passengers – 4, Staterooms number – 110, Cabin size – 185 ft2 / 17 m2, Balcony size – 45 ft2 / 4 m2, Location – on deck 2-Sara


Fiorentino Restaurant (Decks 3 & 4): For those wanting a cooked breakfast of eggs and bacon, Fiorentino is the only free place to find it. Hot dishes are served at your table. You choose cold items (fruit, juice, yogurt, cereal, rolls) from the buffet in the center of the room. Lunch, when open, is a selection of light dishes ordered from the menu.

Corona Blu (Deck 10): Costa Diadema’s buffet restaurant, designed to be casual and comfortable, is an explosion of colors and flavors. During the day, you’ll find tables both inside and outdoors around the pools. Enjoy breakfast (7:00 a.m. to 11 a.m.), lunch (noon to 3:00 p.m.) and tea or snacks (4 p.m. to 5 p.m.) here at your leisure.

Tavola Teppanyaki (Deck 5); 25 or 30 euros: If you’re seeking a different kind of evening entertainment, try Tavola Teppanyaki. In this Japanese-style restaurant, a chef prepares dishes to order on a hot grill built into your dining table. Dinner begins with soup and salad while your chef chops and grills your rice, veggies, chicken, beef and seafood, all the while putting on a show. You choose from three menus.



Shipyard: Fincantieri, Marghera
Tonnage: 132,500 gross tonnage
Length: 306 metres
Beam: 37.5 metres
Height: 61.45 metres
Decks: 20 decks including
Propulsion: 2 x 21,000 kW
Cruising speed: 20 knots (top speed: 22.5 knots)
Total Guests: 4,947
Crew: 1,253
Cabins: 1,854 including 838 with private balcony, 75 suites all with private balcony overlooking the sea, 254 outside cabins with “sea view”, 687 inside cabins.
Restaurants: 7
Swimming pools 2
Wellness area: Samsara spa


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