Brodovi, Costa

Costa Magica


With its spectacular interiors and majestic decoration, Costa Magica enchants its guests with the help of the places it is inspired by. A prime example is the Bellagio Restaurant, dedicated to beautiful Lake Como, with a wonderful skylight that allows diners to dine under the light of the stars. The decks on the other hand are all named after the great Italian masters, from Michelangelo to Caravaggio. It is the ideal ship for a cruise at any time of the year: the retractable glass roof over the Positano Lido means there’s never a time when you can’t pamper yourself in the jacuzzis and take in all the magic of the sea that lies before you.


Unutarnja kabina: Inside (for 2 to 4 people), 1 double bed (or 2 single beds), 2 foldaway beds, Area: 13,9 m²

Kabina s prozorom: Ocean View (for 2 to 4 people), 1 double bed (or 2 single beds), 1 sofa bed, 1 foldaway bed, permanently closed window, Area: 17,7 m²

Kabina s balkonom: Ocean View Balcony (for 2 to 4 people), 1 double bed (or 2 single beds), 1 sofa bed, 1 foldaway bed, private balcony, Area: 20,4 m²

Costa Smeralda Restaurant – The large windows look out over the sea, so you can enjoy the view sitting comfortably at your table in this magnificent two-level restaurant.

Portofino Restaurant – A picturesque restaurant on two levels dedicated to the enchanting Ligurian port, with large photographic prints on the walls.

Salento Grand Bar – Inspired by the classical era, it welcomes guests like a grand, golden palace, with precious fabrics, evoking an elegant mood from times gone by

L’Aquila Classico Bar – Costa Magica’s Cigar Bar, a wonderful place for connoisseurs who like nothing better than a good cigar and a liqueur to enhance its aroma.


Sister ships Costa Fortuna
Tonnage 102,587 t
Length 272.19 m
Width 35.5 m
Guest Capacity (dual occupancy) 2,702
(maximum occupancy) 3,470
Total cabins 1,358
Crew 1,090
Decks 17 (13 for guests)
Construction 2004, Fincantieri – Italy



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