Brodovi, Costa

Costa Mediterranea


Costa Mediterranea tells the story of the great civilisations that have lived on the shores of the Mediterranean, including the charm of Ancient Egypt and the mythology of Greece, but most of
all the beauty of Italy. Costa Mediterranea is the perfect setting for all kinds of evening entertainment. Like the unforgettable shows at the Osiris Theatre, inspired by magical Egypt, with seating for almost a thousand people on three levels. For night birds there’s the Selva Disco, a tribute to the “contrada” of the same name in Siena, with medieval style decorations over two floors for a night of music, lights and fun.


Unutarnja kabina: Inside (for 2 to 4 people), 1 double bed, (or 2 single beds), 2 foldaway beds, Area: 14.7 m²

Kabina s prozorom: Ocean view (for 2 to 4 people), 1 double bed, (or 2 single beds), 1 sofa bed, 1 foldaway bed,  Area: 16.3 m²

Kabina s balkonom: Ocean View Balcony (for 2 to 4 people), 1 double bed, (or 2 single beds), 1 sofa bed, Area: 20 m²

Casanova Bar – Soft sofas and elegant armchairs  welcome guests in this large bar furnished in shades of red with romantic paintings on the walls.

Roero Bar and Orientale Lounge – A Baroque  wine bar, adjacent to the Orientale Lounge, with exquisite details and as bright as a diamond, inspired by the Palazzo Roero in Cuneo. Perfect for an elegant aperitif.

Dioniso Bar – If you want some more after-dinner excitement, this is a great place to try some excellent cocktails.


Sister ship Costa Atlantica
Tonnage 85,619 t
Length 292.56 m
Width 32.20 m
Guest Capacity (dual occupancy) 2,114
(maximum occupancy) 2,680
Total cabins 1,057
Crew 912
Deck 16 (12 for guests)
Built in 2003, Helsinki, Finland



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